Key Transition – Email Hosting
The transition will take place on the evening of December 13, 2013
All usernames and passwords will remain the same with one exception. If your email password is 4 characters or less, it will need to be changed as the new system will not allow less than 5 characters. Please contact us to have your password reset.
To access that mail, please go to: http://oldmail.iswest.com, http://oldmail.iswest.net, http://oldqmail.iswest.com, or http://oldqmail.iswest.net. You should be able to access that with your old username and password.
After the initial transition you should NOT have to change any settings to send and receive email. However, we do encourage you change them as soon as you can after the cut-over because the old settings will fail to work after a couple months. Please go HERE for detailed instructions on how to change those settings.
You can get to your new Level 4 Webmail by going to http://cmail.lvl4.com. You will have the same username and password as you did on the old system.
Yes they can! Detailed instructions for to export them from Can-IT and into the new system can be found here. The new system will not support any rules may have had that were keyword based.
Yes! On the new system we are able to offer more space per mailbox by default. Pricing will update accordingly on March 1, 2013 if you happen to pay for the 50MB of extra space with ISWest / Key Info. If you want or require even more space it can be purchased in increments of 100MB. Just contact us to add that extra space.
Yes you do. At Level 4, safety is a priority. Today, there are thousands of viruses being transmitted through email each hour. All it takes is one of these emails to hit your inbox, open it, and it can turn into a bad day. We do not offer a mailbox to a client without spam filtering. Filtering will also cut down on the amount of clutter in your inbox and cut down on the amount of email traffic for us, keeping everything running smoothly.
These two errors can occur because there is more than 1 device that is checking email from the mail server. When the 1st device (phone) is sending/receiving email, the 2nd device (PC) is also trying to send/receive email. Details to change device settings to avoid this can be found HERE.
Key Transition – Website Hosting
The website cut-over will be taking place between December 11, 2013 and December 31, 2013. We will work with customers whose websites have any databases to schedule out a time for the move.
Please contact us and we will setup with a username and password. Please email us at [email protected].
Yes! Moving forward, Level 4 will help with any DNS changes or additions.